Higher Yielding Stocks Are A Better Value On Empire Ave

If you increase your div/share score (dividends per share) on Empire Avenue (EA), the number of people who will invest in you will also most likely increase. One of the main objects of the game is to earn eaves. The higher the ROI (return on investment) you receive from those you invest in, the more money or eaves you will have to spend and invest. When considering buying shares in another individual, be sure to look at their div/share score. If the user’s share price is $20 and their div/share score is $.20 they basically have a 1:1 ratio. The general rule of thumb on EA is to invest in shares that pay at lease a par value compared to price.

You don’t need to invest in the high priced shares like Chris Pirillo or Chris Latko to feel you are earning a high ROI per dollar you invest. Pirillo’s stock is currently only paying a 1.13% return so it costs you a lot of eaves to max him at 200 shares only to earn $452/day. It is unlikely that Pirillo’s stock will continue to climb at a significant rate, so generating a high ROI on the actual price of the shares is not that high either.

A better value might be a stock such as Balazs Rosta (SOCI) who currently has a 1.45% return. Share price is $65.43 but her div/share is $.95. So for each share of stock you own you will earn $.95 but that ROI costs you a lot less eaves to buy 200 shares and the yield is better than the big name stocks. Balazs probably has a better chance of increasing her share price to say $100/share as well so as you hold her stock, the increase in share price can provide a nice ROI as well.

Key point to note, the div/share that you personally earn each day from shares you are invested in do not count towards your daily eaves that you in turn pay out to your shareholders. You may be a wizard at buying high yield stocks and quickly pass the $1mil in net-worth on EA, but unless you are active on the social networks you have connected to EA your personal div/share score will not increase much. You need to be active on social media to earn a high div/share personally.  A high div/share is one of the most appealing ways to get others to invest in you so you might as well get active, it can make the game way more interesting when everyone is buying up your stock!


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